If you live in Toronto one thing that many Canadians value is the start of spring. The birds are chirping, flowers blooming, people look happier now that it’s warmer. There’s also a downside – road construction. Yes, road work usually starts in the spring and you can guarantee many road closures and traffic for quite some time. In the winter it’s almost impossible to work on the roads due to the cold since asphalt doesn’t bond so well when it is cold so the construction crews are out in full force once it starts to get warm. This can be a huge headache for many Torontonians that either want to get to work, head out for some food or just going for a leisurely drive.

Every spring the DVP (Don Valley Parkway) closes down completely for the weekend. We recently went through this closure and wow was the traffic ever crazy. This is because people are forced to use alternate routes thus making the roads very busy. Then on top of that, you many have crews working on those roads that are being used as an alternate from the DVP closure! When the DVP is closed they have about 200 workers cleaning the highway on a 14 KM stretch.

The work that is done includes the resurfacing of the highway, inspections and repairs to any signs, railings and much more. Not to mention cleaning of course.  So as you can see, it’s a time to avoid using your car on weekends like this. It’s best to avoid driving at all costs and if you’re a 905’er, don’t even bother to attempt driving into the city on the weekend where the DVP is closed.

Road Construction Costs

It is said that in this year alone 310 Million will be spent in the upkeep and construction of Toronto roads.  This can obviously escalate if other problems are found.

Gardiner Off Ramp

The exit at York-Bay-Yonge is over 50 years old and will be demolished this year. The replacement will be a much shorter ramp.  Mayor John Tory insists that this is a much needed job, as it will bring benefits to the city once complete. This is just another place you’ll want to avoid at all costs. Unless you don’t mind sitting in traffic!

Dealing With Traffic

Before you leave to drive somewhere in your car, one thing you should always do is make a last minute trip to the bathroom! I know that sounds crazy but I am sure that you have been in a situation where you had to pee while in the car and stuck in traffic. It’s not easy to find a bathroom in the downtown core let alone while driving in traffic. Also, and almost as important, make sure your car has enough gas! It’s bad enough that you have to be stuck in traffic but why make it even worse by running out of gas idling in stopped traffic. Do yourself and others a favour by ensuring you have enough gas.



Toronto Road Construction
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